WARNING: Inner Circle Is Limited To Just 20 People In Q4 (5 Spots Remain) Limited Spots Open.. APPLY NOW.
An Exclusive Invitation For Founders, CEO's & Serious Entrepreneurs Who Want
10-100X Growth. EXCLUSIVE: ONLY A Few Get Selected Out Of 653,398+ email subscribers....
Real Wealth Starts At Your First $10M. 
If you’re the CEO of a company with $250k-$2.5M revenue & want to scale to 10X-100X passing the $10million - $100million, and
want to Unlock Your Potential, I’m talking to you.
EXCLUSIVE INVITE Re-Opened: 5 New Dream Clients 
For January 2021
"If That's You... I Will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One On Your Business To Help You Double, Triple or 10x Your Traffic, Conversions And Sales Over In 12 Months Or Less/
This past year alone my business generated over $7.8 million in sales WHILST actually 'having a life', and over the last 8 years I've travelled to 100+ Countries...

SHIC Mastermind (Shaqir Hussyin's Inner Circle Mastermind) is unlike anything that has ever existed.
SHIC is Shaqir Hussyin grad school for experts wanting to build 7-8 & 9 figure empires. Tuition starts at 50K.
For the right person this is easily achieved with just one campaign. For the wrong person it is exceedingly expensive, on purpose. I invite you to fill the form to see if you qualify and speak with me directly. Winners only. I help winners win bigger.
SHIC Mastermind re-opened for January 2021. 
*IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers. Shaqir Hussyin is a professional internet marketer and his results are not typical. His experiences are not a guarantee you will make money. You may make more, less or the same or nothing at all. This is purely for education purposes. We do NOT offer Get Rich Quick Programs.  This page is by invite only. This special by application offer is for successful minded entrepreneurs looking to create more success. Investment for this program is not cheap and certainly not for most people. Apply to talk to me directly to see if you qualify.
Qualified members receive the proven systems, mentoring, confidential consultations, advisory, resources, funnels, templates, and processes that I've used to go from $100,000 to $1 million … and then from $1 million to $10 million+ and beyond...

Finally, Discover How To Create Your Own Blue Ocean, Become The Category King, Invent Your Own Methodology, Craft A MOAT, Power Position Yourself & Become The Brand
Everyone Dreams To Work With... 

BEST THING: Get Multi Millionaire Mentorship On How To Attract The Best Clients In Your Marketplace, Dramatically Scale Your Busines & SMASH Through Plateaus… 

Avoid The Costly Mistakes That's Costing You Time & Millions SAFELY Navigate All The Obstacles and Growing Pains You’ll Encounter Along The Way To Scale & Smash
Through 6,7 & 8 Figures.

 This is the Fastest, Efficient and Most Reliable Way to Cross It And Discover Scalable Income Skills You Can  Use in Business after Business if You Choose..
YOU; My Next Online Empire Builder?

Ex Corporate Brand Manager Of 18 Years Finds Freedom

Low ticket marketer breaks past over $10million in sales.

Ex Engineer Goes From Zero To $180K before passing $20M in sales..

Ex 20 Year NASA Veteran Creates 6 Figures In 6 Months Using our Funnels.com

You probably know by now I've been able to become the Youngest, Highest Paid, Top Earner in the Home Business Industry faster than anyone else - EVER!

I've built 10 different brands, products, services and promotions to over 7 figures each, I've built a loyal list of over 553,439+ subscribers and hosted well over 150+ live events, seminars and workshops...
Now For The Last-Time EVER....
I’m opening up and taking on 10 new "Hand Selected" Mastermind for 2021 to work with over the next 12 months on how to achieve TRUE QUANTUM RESULTS in your business.

FACT: I've helped more people make 6&7 Figures in the Home Business Industry than anyone else.... More than 4 of my students have surpassed 8 FIGURES Each. 

FACT: The ONLY mastermind from an multiple 8 figure marketer designed for the newbie online marketer who wants
FAST-Dramatic-GROWTH in record time without the B.S.

This is your chance to learn directly from someone who's built his business to 7 figures a month ($1,038,000 in sales per month at the age of 28) (Obviously you know results will vary. This is NOT typical, and hence No income guarantees.)

You Don't Have Much Time? Just Read What You Get.
SHIC “Shaqir Hussyin’s Inner Circle” Advisory Privilege
 12 Months “Weekly What’s Working NOW” Million Dollar Coaching & Q&A
(Limited To Maximum 20 People LIVE To Ensure You Get 1:1 Help) - $30,000
3x Mastermind LIVE Events With Shaqir Hussyin *limited to 20 people at a time*
So you get confidential help on scaling your biz. (London, Chicago, Toronto & SG) - $40,000
 Done For You High Ticket I.P.S Business Model Set-Up (Your Own Branded Website/Product/Funnels Templates) - $12,000
 Weekly “Fast Lane To Online Profits” Traffic & Conversions Webinar + Q&A - $12,000
 Weekly “Fast Lane To Ecommerce Profits” Webinar + Q&A - $24,000
 Access To "Platinum Passport" ALL Information Products Catalog - $4,400
90 Mins Monthly 1:1 Profit Plan Call With Shaqir Hussyin Personally.
$4,400 Per Hour Value. - $10,000 
Fast-Action BONUSES For Enrolling TODAY
 #1: Black Book Rolodex Of “Traffic & Relationship” Rolodex + Ad Swipe Files - $10,000
 #2: Email Profits System - Ultimate 101 Email Followup Plug & Play System - $10,000
 #3: Full WealthAcademy *Certification* Of CORE 12 Products & Services - $15,000
 #4: 9FigureSecrets.com - 4 Hour “Zero To $200Million” Masterclass + Expert Guest Interviews From 9 Figure Earners. (My private insights from spending $500K on mentors, masterminds and business magnates) - Priceless
 #5: Access To Our Private Online Community (Ask Any Question) + Cell Phone
1:1 Confidential Access To Shaqir 6 Days A Week (Sunday is wife day) - Priceless
Total Value: $175,000+
PRICELESS (Value $25K)
PRICELESS = Turn Key Business Models Provided  

If you don't have a business, we can offer you 3 different types of Turn Key Business Models 
(from Done For You Expert Course Funnels, Done For You Marketing Agency Setup Funnels Or Ecommerce (Shopify), this is for anyone who doesn't have a solid product/service to sell yet)  -- Each of these sell for $25K outside. (Must be clarified during signup)

You can get this for being part of Inner Circle Mastermind (SHIC)
Total Value: $175,000 & Save An Astonishing 10+ Years Of You're Life Trying To Figure This All Out. Your Investment: 45 Mins To See If This is Right For You & How You Can Make 6-7 Figures In The Next 12 Months
Email: ceo@shaqir.com with Subject Line: "SHIC Mastermind Call" or Text + 44 74111 49858 to schedule a call with me. 
World's Top 1% Of All Sales Funnels Expert.

Clients Pay $10k-$200K For Personal Coaching/Consulting & Agency Services.
World's ONLY 2x 8 Figure Award 2CCX Earner Under 30 Years Old. 

Life is short mate, this is the ultimate fast track to shortcutting your success. 

All Praise & Glory To God!
Founder of Self-Made Man & The Elevation Group

"Shaqir Hussyin is a phenomenal teacher and leader who really cares about his students and people he works with - I can't recommend him enough, you can't go wrong with Shaqir."
Blue Jeans Millionaire - $150 Million Man

"The shortcut is find someone who already has the roadmap. Get the help of someone who knows exactly what they're doing. That's where Shaqir comes in. He's a future BILLIONAIRE"
I'm On A Mission To Help Successful Entrepreneurs SCALE During This Current Pandemic & Beyond..
To Help Business Owners Get Unstuck & Into Rapidly Scaling Mode To 7-8 Figures & Beyond...
Hey... Shaqir Hussyin here and I have an critical message for you especially during this current chaotic pandemic taking over the world..
Stop Trying To Do It All Yourself...
WOW! How's your 2021 going? Seeing what's happening in the world right now there are literally 2 things most business owners will do;

Pivot for Growth.

Panic for survival.

I'd like to open up and share with you how you can exponentially scale to the next level with confidence, abundance and thriving.

Over the last 10 years as I've travelled to over 100+ countries and spoken to tens of thousands of people I've always shared that there's only 2 ways to do anything...

Via mentors or mistakes.

The fast way or the slow way.

The easier way or the hard way.

You already know deep down, that ultimate success comes down to having the right systems, frameworks, templates, on-going coaching and getting perspective that will provide you a systematic way to create results. 

There's nothing else, there's no shiny magic bullet that exists.

There's no one coming to save you except for your own COURAGE to step up, ask for help, get the right help, do the work that's required so you can commit to your goals, so you can create new levels of capabilities and competence which will increase your confidence for you to get results.

You already know having the step by step blueprints that will take years off your learning curve and help you avoid costly mistakes is a smarter way of doing it.

So stop trying so hard on wasting your hard earned money trying to do it all yourself, wasting valuable time, energy and resources that you will never get back...

And instead, consider joining our ELITE SHIC Mastermind community that has many 6, 7 & 8 figure entrepreneurs to discover proven income growth formulas that you can learn, model and even “swipe” – and effortlessly plug into your business to increase your profits, your time and location freedom ability.

Once you’re inside this exclusive mastermind (assuming you’re accepted), you’ll have all the knowledge, shortcuts, and support to quickly scale up revenues, explode your passive income, and you’ll learn from the very best, coolest and most fun men and women in the game…

Whilst having direct unrestricted access to me.
Skyrocket Your Revenue, Manifest The Life You Want, Get Paid What You Desire, Deserve & Dream About...
…Then pay attention to what I’m sharing with you in this message.

This is an invitation to a very special group of men and women who’ve experienced huge personal and business success.

Combined they’ve easily sold over $100 Million dollars in products, books, courses, services, and coaching world wide and are among the most knowledgeable and highest earning entrepreneurs in our industry.

This is your rare and exclusive opportunity to join their ranks…

However, before we go on I will warn you, this isn’t for everyone!

I'm ONLY looking for very ambitious and good hearted people to get started...
If you’re not serious about being held accountable to gaining maximum results for your business, while doing things that you consider fun, exciting, and are passionate about, this is not for you.
If you’re not someone who is positive, supportive, teachable, and open to transformational shifts in thinking that lead to exponential growth in revenue – then this is not right for you.
If you’re not after creating value for your clients, then it’s best you move on because we are not a fit.If you just want to use my stuff to unethically make money then this won't be for you...
And if you believe success is a solo sport, and you do not want an extremely close-knit, inner circle of highly experienced and influential business advisors acting with your best interest in mind to help guide your business decisions so you can act with confidence– then this is not the message for you
As you read this entire letter, you’ll realize very quickly how you can get the unfair advantage over everyone else and join me in my mission for 2021 and beyond and how you can take advantage of this Ultra-Rare Offer…

I’m here to raise the bar, to create new success stories and to bring Main street Internet Marketing to the masses here and I want you to be alongside me, side-by-side, on stage, in my books, on my seminars to be there with me – inspiring, teaching and training thousands of others….

I've coached some of the world's leading marketers, the most newbie, just getting started entrepreneurs to build an income they love.

Check out what other industry leaders say that I've worked with...
Ex Co-Founder,
Legendary Marketer,
($150 Million In Sales)

"Shaqir is a BADASS. He knows what he is doing and understands HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

We both started from the bottom and now we're both living the dream."
Founder of Maximum
Leverage & Mentor To
Russel Brunson

"Shaqir is the secret weapon for a lot of industry's top producers when it comes to getting traffic. He can drive obscene amounts of traffic on call, whenever he wants."
Ex-Engineer Turned Into 
Millionaire Marketer...

"Shaqir has helped me get to the TOP of my game. Before I was getting 70-80 leads per day.

Shaqir has helped me get over 1,000-17,000 leads per day.
The Back-Story Of How This All Came About...
So, it’s no secret that to work with me PRIVATELY... Is expensive.

You can learn from mistakes or mentors. 

Mistakes will cost you years of your life.

Mentors will fast-track that for you.

Most men reach the age of 40-50 and realise they aren't financially free, they've got kids, a mortgage and they are not living they life they once dreamed of...

I've been so fortunate to attract high paying clients at such a young age and charge $25,000 for a 2 day weekend coaching and $120,000 for my higest end mentorship. And you know what?

I've got couple dozens of people investing 6 figures with me to take their life to the next level.

Every time I offer this high end consulting to my list, there has never been a shortage on takers.

Not only that, I’m the industry go to expert for traffic and conversion and I’m doing a lot of work behind the scenes for many of the “gurus” in our market.

As much as I LOVE transforming the lives of my clients, EVEN if I WANTED to take on more Private Clients, I couldn’t.

But recently, I’ve had this dilemma:

Because I know from all the messages I receive every single week...

There are people out there who can’t afford to pay the $100,000 to work with me privately to have me model their business after mine...

There are also entrepreneurs who would LOVE to do one of my one-on-one private 2 day coaching, but can’t justify the $25k for a single weekend (including travel expenses) it costs for just TWO days...

BUT there ARE entrepreneurs who would love a HIGHER LEVEL, more INTIMATE mastermind than what the private Facebook Group alone can provide...

As well as more PERSONAL attention and focus from me on their business...
Which brings us to the reason for this private-letter today...
I made this available to only a small handful of “A-Level” players to add to our roster of top performers at LIVE events, since you're reading this - count yourself lucky...

(It’s ok if you’re not at the level of business you want to be at yet, we’ll help you get there.)

You’ll also find rising business superstars destine to shape the future of our industry (maybe you’ll be one of them as well).

And if you’re accepted to take part in this no-risk invitation to experience the SHIC Mastermind for yourself, and you’ll eliminate overwhelm and confusion out of your journey to becoming a TOP Earner.

Because now you’ll have “instant access” to A-players who are enjoying an insane monthly cash flow by your side to get you back on track, answer your most urgent questions, and give you that jolt of energy when you feel down.
2 Things That Make SHIC Inner Circle Mastermind 
Different, Better & Magical...
THING 1: Done For You Sales Funnels That Convert..
Having wildly profitable sales funnels that you can spend $1 to make $3 back is what will differentiate you from the rest. 

What if you could get access to my WINNING PLAYBOOKS? Save yourself literally years of you trying to do it yourself.

If you want success online, you have to find, create or leverage proven and time-tested sales funnels that would help you fast-track your results so you can start making sales faster.

You see...

When I stopped chasing shiny objects and I stopped following the bullshit get-rich-quick tactics so common in the Internet marketing world and, instead, started really studying business growth...

I focused on creating digital assets that would pay me over and over again that's when the game changed for me. 

I invested in mentorship and made my first million dollars in less than 3 years.

Recently after generating over $30Million in sales before 29 years of age I took everything I studied and put it into concrete mind maps, processes and techniques that anyone can follow to create massive results.

I studied from the top-notch entrepreneurs and the first thing you’re getting by being part of SHIC Mastermind is access to these learnings, processes and techniques that are currently helping me generate over $300,000.00/month-$1,000,000 per month.

I've literally paid for over $550,000 of coaching, advice, consulting, mentoring and guidance from world class experts to become a world-class expert on Internet Marketing...

Among them…
  • You'll get access to my multi-million dollar Sales funnels training week by week.
  • You'll Done for YOU sales funnels + powerful email campaigns that turn your cash-flow into autopilot revenue
  • You'll get Fill in the blank sales letters, VSL’s, and sales scripts - I've invested over $50K into just my webinar trainings alone.

    *This takes the best of doing it yourself, doing it with me, and done for you that really no one else offers in the marketplace...
Coaching, Masterminding & IMPLEMENTATION HELP...
Develop life-long marketing and advertising skills that you can take to the bank.

True entrepreneurs need to see themselves as well-oiled machines primed for optimal functioning (you’ll need to be to pull off some of your big goals).

Who would you be if you owned a $30 million dollar business?

What kind of habits would you have on a daily basis?

What are some ways that you need to change?

The majority of entrepreneurs don’t take the time to think about this, which is one of the major reasons your growth is limited.

While 80% of our content covers business, marketing, operations, strategy and more…we always remember that YOUR life, YOUR body, and YOUR mind are also systems and machines that deserve love and care.

Inside our SHIC Mastermind group, every month, we share with the group the latest insights on personal growth from some of the hottest experts on the topic.
Time is short.

Don’t waste it being overwhelmed and chasing 10 different things from 10 different mentors, especially people that used to make OLD money, you know the guys who will tell you they have made MILLIONS and then went broke…

This is why I've created the ONLY mastermind focused on Coaching, Implementation & Mastermind.

Implementation = Kickstart your success by plugging you into done for you sales funnels that convert. If you need done for you traffic too, well I've been helping people get traffic since 2009 with SoloAdsAgency.com 

Mastermind = Once every quarter you get invited to attend an in person event with myself, Shaqir Hussyin. This is small, intimate and we host these all over the world.

Coaching = For a complete year, you get access to me weekly for Coaching and support on your business. Imagine if you have me answer your most pressing questions. What's more? I allocate a personal coach to work with you 1:1 so you can get all the tech help, marketing help and getting your business set up the right way. 
If Not Now, When?
How much longer will you keep away from the success you deserve, desire and dream about?
You see everyone else get results but yet you hold yourself back from greatness...
From your true potential...
  • Do you feel like, lately, you have less and less time to build your Internet Marketing/Online Marketing business?
  • Do you ever feel like there is never enough time in the day to do the things you KNOW you should be doing to build your business?
  • Doesn't it seem like there is so much information coming at you, so fast, that you sometimes don't know what to do next, and often times feel stuck?
  • Are you overwhelmed by all the "got-to's" and guilt around what you're not doing in your business?
If you said YES to any of these questions…It’s not your fault.

You’re being misled by many, misguided by all the "overnight" gurus, and it's costing you and your family a fortune.

You're blindly being led deeper and deeper into a new Black Hole called... "overwhelm."

It's a crippling force, it's like a cancer, and it's spreading like wildfire.

Heck, I'll go as far as calling it an epidemic. 

It's causing you to spend endless amounts of money into events, programs and seminars that don't actually make you money....

And it's wiping out bank accounts like nothing I've ever seen before...

SHIC Mastermind to the rescue…
New Delhi, India Ex-Software Engineer Turns Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Three times each year, I will be hosting an exclusive PRIVATE 2-Day Mastermind Weekend Retreat for SHIC Members ONLY.

In the past, I’ve charged as much as $25,000 for a SINGLE weekend.

My normal day rate is $20,000 per day.

You get to attend 3 events with me in a small group setting. 

These weekends change peoples lives and businesses FOREVER.

The structure combines Guest Experts TEACHING on specific topics – and LIVE “hot seat” case studies where you have an opportunity to get detailed feedback on YOUR business.

And the feedback you get? Is pure GOLD.

One of the REASONS WHY people are so OPEN and GIVING at my events is because we don’t record these events. EVER. In other words...

What’s discussed in the room – STAYS in the room.

In fact, each member is required to sign a confidentiality agreement – and we take it VERY seriously.

I share stuff in these events that I don’t share anywhere else.

This is one of the BIGGEST values of a LIVE high-level, in-person mastermind.

I’ve arguably learned MORE from the in-person masterminds I’ve run – than anything else.
Here's What You Get When You Join
SHIC Mastermind Benefit #1
Elite London Mastermind + Free Access To The Platinum VAULT
(All My Information Products)
Three times each year, I will be hosting an exclusive PRIVATE 2-Day Mastermind Weekend Retreat for SHIC Members ONLY.

In the past, I’ve charged as much as $25,000 for a SINGLE weekend.

These weekends change peoples lives and businesses FOREVER.

The structure combines Guest Experts TEACHING on specific topics – and LIVE “hot seat” case studies where you have an opportunity to get detailed feedback on YOUR business.

And the feedback you get? Is pure GOLD.

One of the REASONS WHY people are so OPEN and GIVING at my events is because we don’t record these events. EVER. In other words...

What’s discussed in the room – STAYS in the room.

In fact, each member is required to sign a confidentiality agreement – and we take it VERY seriously.

I share stuff in these events that I don’t share anywhere else.

This is one of the BIGGEST values of a LIVE high-level, in-person mastermind.

I’ve arguably learned MORE from the in-person masterminds I’ve run – than anything else.
SHIC Mastermind Benefit #2
Private One-on-One Coaching With Me

We’ll establish a game-plan together and decide where we should place our initial focus.

I’ll review your Sales Funnel, Copy, Traffic Strategy, Lead-Gen Strategy, Back-End Strategy, or ANY other question you need help with in your business.

I will personally coach you myself.
 I’ll help transplant all the techniques currently being used inside my own funnels that are currently generating $10k-$30K+ per day into your business and help jump start your profits the right way. On our call we can discuss this.

This is priceless. Imagine how your business, and your life will change after 1 year of private coaching with a multiple 8 figure earner. This is it.
SHIC Mastermind Benefit #3
This one is pretty simple. Any one of my digital information products that you do not already own, I’ll hook you up with free access. And even better?

Anything new I come out with – you also get free access as well. And as far as physical products are concerned? I’ll just ask you to cover shipping and fulfillment. But otherwise, as SHIC Mastermind member, for you.... It’s free.
SHIC Mastermind Benefit #4
Free Access to SHIC Mastermind Private Facebook Group
In addition to ALL my information products, you ALSO get access to the SHIC facebook Group (valued at $997/month) included for FREE as well.

This is where you get to ask all your questions to the group (24/7 access all hours aday), download all the templates, cheat sheets, and blueprints I’m constantly uploading, and be held accountable by the group on your goals and actions.

My team is there too, the same team that I'm leveraging to create a $100 Million COMPANY in the next  305 years!
SHIC Mastermind Benefit #5
Done With You Marketing Funnels And High Converting Campaigns
Most people think that if all they do is just get, buy into a Done For You System they can make all the money in the world, here’s the kicker…

The secret is DONE WITH YOU – this way you are the front of the sales video, the marketing messages, the email followup system, you are it.

I’ll help you design and implement a your very own sales funnel equipped with 30 highly converting email sequences. Not only that…

You and I will do an interview together to position you in the market place and then I’ll help you use that into all your presell campaigns.

And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get your very own VSL ready to go before it’s all said in and done.

You’ll have a marketing funnel, an interview with me, 30 highly converting emails, and a VSL…. This benefit alone is worth the entire price of this mastermind.
SHIC Mastermind Benefit #6
Done For You High Converting Webinar Campaign With Shaqir Hussyin
Everyone knows webinars are the fastest and easiest way to get large numbers of people to buy your product or join your business in one swoop.

If you're in the home business industry, this is the thing that going to explode your income. A done for you webinar with Shaqir Hussyin that's guaranteed to convert.

We have a proven webinar campaign, that converts as much as 30% of attendees into sales or signups for any home business or offer. Shaqir will record the webinar with you, to position you in the marketplace and he'll even do the closing for you.

After deploying this campaign, we'll help you automate it, so you can run it unlimited times getting as many sales as you like. It's the ultimate way to leverage my credibility, and make easy sales.
SHIC Mastermind Benefit #7
Personal Success Implementation Coach
My two biggest secrets of success are having a coach and an accountability partner. Someone who is an expert, who could answer my questions and help me whenever I got 'stuck'.

That's why you'll get my personal 'success implementation coach' who will work with you
1-on-1 in your business, all year round. Your coach will be online every day to answer your questions and help you implement anything that makes you feel stuck.

He'll hold you accountable, and make sure you're getting things implemented.
Screw Surviving, Here's How To Thrive...
See after investing over 10 years of my life learning from the world’s best and investing over $350,000 EASILY into my own education I have built my business to generating up to…
$1 Million Per Month At The Age Of 28...
Would it be worth for you to invest $200,000 into me helping you craft, create a compelling sales funnel that automatically recruits new people into your business regardless of whatever business you are trying to build to the next level ?

It sure beats buying a Subway Franchise and wasting the next 10 years of your life…

It sure beats living a life of overwhelm constantly struggling to get results…

You feel me?

The thing is - this, even myself, at my level – I’m ALWAYS investing to get to the next level of my business, my 12 month goal is to get to….
$5 Million Per Month By December 31st 2021…
And here’s the IMPORTANT THING :

I want to take a handful of “Serious Entrepreneurs” that want to make it happen to the next level…

I want to show you the costly mistakes you can avoid and reach your goals faster than ever...

I want to show you what's working now, behind the scenes, so you can see, model and implement...

I know this is the “Ultimate Shortcut” for you, more about this shortcut in a bit…

New members, $100k earners, veteran marketers & $1Million+ earners also come to me for wisdom, traffic, secrets and what’s working now…
Yes, you can see what Daegan Smith has to say about me…

You familiar with the concept of the Phenomenon ?

Well, I’ve studied this concept of The Phenomenon from Dan Kennedy and I was with him for 2 days.

I feel like a little excited kid at x-mas just writing this to you!
I’ll tell you - how to make more in the next 12 months than you’ve made in the last 12 years…

That’s why I have a very special “EXCLUSIVE” invitation for you…

I’ll tell you upfront though – this may not be for you, it’s certainly NOT for everyone.
If you desire more freedom, more fulfillment, more income, more recognition, status, respect, power and influence from your marketing efforts then continue reading…
I want you to get measurable results over the course of a year...two years...the life of your business! And the only way for you to do that is to implement what you learned at the summit.

I was talking to SHIC (Shaqir Hussyin’s Inner Circle) member Shantelle Golding, UK – about the extreme growth her and her husband can experience once they have the right shifts and working along side me…

I’m committed to helping her become a Millionaire in the next 12 months *UPDATE: She's gone on to now make MULTIPLE MILLIONS PER MONTH*

You're ONE Mentor Away...

You're ONE Breakthrough Away...

I remember when my business was stuck at doing $30k per month, one tiny shift in positioning my offer – and BOOM – within 12 months…
$3,000 Per Month To
$30,000 Per Month To
$300,000 Per Month To
$600,000 Per Month To
Over $1Million Per Month....
In Less Than 5 Years...
And I haven’t looked back since…

I live life on my own terms, I think that’s what Ultimate Success is.

Success is doing the things that make you happy, with no restrictions.

Do you want it?

How bad do you want it?...      

So, use this letter I’ve written to you as a wake-up call to take action NOW to make the next 12 months more profitable than your last 12 years!

But if you’re a BIG thinker, think about changing your business to your “Dream” business.

Sick of dealing with slow pace traffic generation techniques…sick of waiting for CASH to come in…sick and tired of always trying to figure it out on your own like Shantelle and Sam Golding before connecting with me to become HIGH SIX-FIGURE earners in the industry….

They met me at an event, they have invested well over $50,000+ just to learn from me in the last couple years….

Would it be worth to invest $50,000 in yourself to get you to a multiple six figure earner ?

Think about it…

Actually don’t think about it, because there’s a another handful of people reading this exact same letter that you are getting…

And now you are left with a choice…
Are You Ready To Skyrocket Your Online Business To Money Getting Stratosphere?
Of course you are! 

The real question is, what are you going to do about it?

Truth is, not everyone can be a TOP earner in our industry, only the strongest, most serious and determined ones will make it…

The rest are just wishy-washers…

I know it, because I too was in a room just like how you were in there…

And I made a decision that day, that I will be one of the speakers, I will be an industry leader, I will be a millionaire…

You can see the results for yourself – right?

I remember in 2009 or 2010 I had seen Mike Dillard on a Magazine Cover…

I made it a goal to get on there too, within 3 years I was banking $100,00 PER MONTH, then passing $1Million a month and being Featured On Forbes as you can see below…
Mike Dillard flew out to London, UK for my first Traffic Millionaires Summit event and was my keynote speaker (didn’t charge me a penny) as token of appreciation to all the good I’m doing in the industry.

I've had multi millionaires and even Billionaire Entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman come by to speak at my event.

I want you to Imagine:

You finally breaking thru…

You finally realizing that this is your future too..

Whether you just want more money, or you want to speak on stage around the world, or you want to be featured on magazines, you want to be connected to the celebrity-guru’s and industry leaders, and become the top earner in your company and heck, even charge as much as $25,000 - $50,000+ for people to come and work with you… like I personally have…

Even charging 1 client over $100,000 to get a full-blown “overnight-success” makeover package…

Whatever you desire in this industry…
I Can Really Help You…
To be quite frank, I’m probably your best bet…

Do you know anyone else who has skyrocketed 10 different brands/companies in record time making over $1Million in EACH company ?

Nope. I checked.

There’s no one. Not braggging, just the truth.

So you are aware.

So, you see, there’s a small, highly successful group of online marketers who experience HUGE gains in BOTH their business AND personal lives.

And they are the ones that have taken the next step and take advantage right now of my latest, newest, all intensive “Success Story Generating” 12 month program…
It stands for, Shaqir Hussyin’s Inner Circle.

Also fondly known as “SHIC.”

It’s 12 months, $59,997 $50K mastermind where you get to rub shoulders with some of the Industry’s Leading Giants and rockstar marketing experts in their chosen arena…

When you first join, we get on a one-on-one strategy session where I walk you through a cash-flow kickstarter strategy session 1:1, this alone could change your ENTIRE BUSINESS – value : $4,400 / £3600 alone…

1 idea. 1 secret. 1 breakthrough. 

1 connection. 1 formula. 1 blueprint. 1 idea.

Just this call alone could be worthwhile your entire investment…

Remember the story of how I went from $30,000 to $300,000 PER MONTH in 12 months ?

Guess what, it was because of 1 SINGLE IDEA I discovered from my old coach from a 1:1 60 minute call…

Now, I’m happy to say – I’ve even gone one step ahead and I’ve now beaten his income, I travel more, and have a lot more business building acumen than I had couple years ago…

My friend…I currently have had over 150+ Members join the SHIC ADVISORY and I’m CAPPING it 5 new members so I can keep each event tight-knit to just 20-30 people max.

Often this is where "private confidential consultations" take place just between you and me.

I’m going to be releasing SHIC to my entire newsletter of over 600,000+ members and so this “Advanced” invitation is you’re only chance..

Then over the next 12 months these next 5 members will grow into being some of the most advanced, richest, respected marketers online…

You will hear about them as you attend my next event, you will see them all over the internet, you will see a few of them featured in my upcoming book…

Now I’m giving you ONE Chance to get in, and at this price before I raise it to $60K each.

You’ve probably heard of by now all the students who’ve experienced massive success after joining over the years.

They’re already on the way to building their million dollar online brand and sales funnels.

I’m spending A LOT of personal time with each and every single one of them …
Your Time To Shine In 2021 Starts With..
What Is The Invisible Foundation To Ultimate Freedom, Success, Happiness & Unlimited Income…
Napoleon Hill described the mastermind as "A mind that is developed through the harmonious cooperation of two or more people who ally themselves for the purpose of accomplishing any given task”.

My Inner-Circle is filled with everyone from highly successful and highly ambitious.

Marketers looking to reach the Six, SEVEN-FIGURE & 8 Figure Profit Level...

...People who have big hearts and big ambitions and want their bank accounts to get big as well. With the collective effort of the group, that now becomes possible.

When I look back at my success, remember this: the invisible layer to my success has been Masterminding, surrounding myself with players with results, income, credibility, this is the ultimate shortcut – especially when there’s A LOT of Done For You and Done With You marketing materials that will just be handed to you…

I must also warn you: We will NOT stand for any member who thinks negatively or just keeps coming up with excuses to why they haven’t reached their goal. This is a result-oriented group. Knowledge is not power – it is only potential power. Power in the words of Napoleon Hill is "...organized knowledge, expressed through intelligent efforts."
No Untested Theories Allowed
I teach what I do day to day.

I coach you on how to create massive success.

This is NOT text-book nonsense that you learn in school, college and university.

This mastermind doesn’t consist of online marketers who sit around and talk about untested theories, but rather, they are people in the trenches who take massive action and make decision based on experience and results.

Every Inner Circle member is REQUIRED to share the ideas they had MOST success with in great (yet simple) detail so that even a 12-year old can implement them. They must also share some of the failures they endured. To be part of this group, you have to be willing to share and if this bothers you, please don’t apply.

Fact is, one great idea executed is worth more than 1000 ordinary ones.

Executing on a single strategy discovered in the Shaqir Hussyin Inner Circle can return your entire year’s investment and this happened dozens of times with our current members.

This mastermind is to make life easier, not harder.

To grow your profits faster, not slower. To make working in your online business more fun, not dull. To create a business and lifestyle that’s extraordinary, not ordinary.

Now here are just few of my students who experienced these amazing results after working privately with me….

Some of them have invested as much as $50,000+ to learn from me FIRST HAND…

Oh, that’s another reason why I just featured them on stage, this is one of the things I do to LEVERAGE my credibility and help my students, partners and clients to position themselves as Instant Expert in the marketplace..

Do you want to be next ?

Here’s another guy called Lawrence Tam, he’s now become one of the Industry’s leading home business entrepreneurs…

What you may not know – is the amount of money he’s paid me to help coach him over the years…
Shaqir has helped me get to the TOP of my game.
Before I was getting 70-80 leads per day. Shaqir has helped me get as many as 1,000 - 1,700 leads per day.
I had to invest over $25,000+ for his expertise, knowledge, wisdom, & to work 1-1 with him...
Lawrence Tam
Million Dollar MLM Producer
Becca Barry

Becca worked for NASA as a Business Development Manager for 20+ years, after being fired she found me and transformed her life in just 6 short months...

Becca Barry
Houston, Texas
Vikas Kumrai
How can I deliver these kinds of success stories, help people make more money in 6 months than they have maybe made in the last 6 years?

Fact is, I have the background needed to design a Program Of Breakthroughs because I was once teetering on the edge of total financial ruin.

I was completely frustrated and tied up in knots in my business and I know what that’s like. I’ve been tired and burnt out and embarrassed with my income and mystified at not gaining ground from year to year…I know what that’s like.

I made it, lost it due to my arrogance and over-spending, then made it back to 7 figures and MULTIPLE 7 Figures in RECORD time…

My first year online I made $120K, the second year $275K, third year $1.2Million and never had a year that went on with less than 7 figures... (Average more than $5MM+ per year for many years)

SHIC – Shaqir Hussyin’s Inner Circle is different from all of those other shiny-object solutions on the market—really different.

It's a new powerful coaching program, with a unique marketing system “Done With You” that will help you create a real business, one that brings in a consistent flow of new leads and helps you turn them into customers on autopilot, all while eliminating uncertainty and overwhelm.

So many businesses struggle to get off the ground and create consistent revenue.

I know this first hand, I’ve made $1Million EACH with two of the leading Marketing Roadmap is your key to a long-term business that creates results now and into the future—and by "results," I mean "revenue." :)
I’m THE guy who is 100% authentic, what-you-see-is-what-you-get, experienced, and proven capable of leading you to multiple, major breakthroughs in the shortest period of time. I am focused on helping you get results.
Get To Experience The Shaqir Hussyin Inner Circle Effect
A substantial reduction in stress – related to new customer ups and downs and uncertainty, related to financial worries and pressures. Forget getting just information, this is implementation!
Radical shifts in their online marketing, to (finally) being able to attract precisely the kind of customers they wanted and enjoy the kind of lifestyle they want
Surges in self-confidence & self-esteem, feeling (finally) like the successful, prosperous, highly respected & appreciated marketers they’d intended to be
Infinitely greater control over their time, money, staff and customers, Identify the tiny hinges that swing big doors.
Renewed passion, enthusiasm and joy for their online business. Let go of past programming and come by to learn from someone who will inspire you, push you and help you breakthrough to the next level
Total financial make-overs….from burdened with debt, Overwhelmed, operating by guesswork, finding out how they were doing months after the fact – to – being firmly in control day by day, escaping slavery to debt, saving, investing…
Measurably greater success at converting customers at the right fees – and comfort and confidence in giving them and bringing on board new high-end customers
Finally having a fully functioning business that gets you all the leads, customers, and cash flow that you can handle.
SHIC “Shaqir Hussyin’s Inner Circle” Mastermind Benefits…
 12 Months “What’s Working NOW” Million Dollar Coaching - $30,000
 3x Mastermind LIVE Events With Shaqir Hussyin *limited to 15 people at a time* - $30,000
 Done For You GURU Sales Funnels (Your Own Branded Product) - $10,000
 Weekly “Fast Lane To Fortune” Traffic Webinar - $5,000
 Access To ALL Information Products Catalog - $30,000
 3 Day, 4 Nights - ELITE “Digital Assets Creation” Retreat In Person - $20,000
 60 Mins Quarterly 1:1 Profit Plan Call With Shaqir Hussyin Personally - $16,000
Fast-Action BONUSES For Enrolling TODAY
 #1: Black Book Rolodex Of “Traffic” Contacts - Your First $25M - $5,000
 #2: Email Profits System - Ultimate 101 Email Followup Plug & Play System - $2,997
 #5: Automated Max Income Sales & Marketing System - $24,000
 #6: Full WealthAcademy *Certification* Of CORE 12 Products & Services - $10,000
 #7: 9FigureSecrets.com - 4 Hour “Zero To $200Million” Masterclass - Priceless
Total Value: $175,000+
Total Value: $175,000+ Easily. Mistakes Or Mentors. Your Choice.

Email me: ceo@shaqir.com 
to discuss your enrollment.
Fast Action Bonus #1
(8 Black Box Sets Left! Valued At $5000)
$5k "Money Getting Black Box" Workshop
Attendees paid $5,000 per person, travelled all over the world, paid for hotels, food and accomodation to attend this life-changing event.

2 days of pure moneymaking 100% content never before revealed in public
This is not for sale to the general public
Fast Action Bonus #2
(Value $10,000)
$10k in 10 Days System
“What If You Were Left In A Dessert With No List, No Connections, No JV’s, Starting From Scratch, What Would You Do To Generate $10,000 In The Next 10 Days…"

32 people flew to Costa Rica, paid for hotel, flights and invested $2,000 to come see me and 9 other experts -for this 1 Day Intensive masterclass.
Fast Action Bonus #3
12x Monthly Million Dollar Swipe File
(Usually Reserved for $150,000 Clients)
Ultimate shortcut to getting superior marketing results.

Stop Guessing what will work and what won’t.

Easy & FAST ways to create proven promotions with less hassle and headache.

Take a quantum leap in leveraging direct mail that 99% of marketer’s never do..

Generate “Income At Will” - Fastest Cash On Demand Strategy From Sending Cheap Little Letters

Is It Worth At Least £1,000 Per Month For Me To Create Your Million Dollar Promotions For You?
12 Months = $12,000 Value
Fast Action Bonus #4
Your Own Automated License To Print Money Campaign 501 "Plug & Play Campaigns"
Profit Pulling, Authority Engineering, Credibility Money Getting Auto Recruiting Email Weapon
$15,000 Value MINIMUM
Ultimate shortcut to getting superior marketing results.

Stop Guessing what will work and what won’t.

Easy & FAST ways to create proven promotions with less hassle and headache.

Take a quantum leap in leveraging direct mail that 99% of marketer’s never do..

Generate “Income At Will” - Fastest Cash On Demand Strategy From Sending Cheap Little Letters

Is It Worth At Least £1,000 Per Month For Me To Create Your Million Dollar Promotions For You?
Fast Action Bonus #5
Online Exclusive Mastermind Access For 12 Months
Ask Shaqir Anything. Strategy. Tactics. Getting Money. Scaling. Contacts. Connections. Speaking To Sell. Events. Checklists. Process Maps. Templates. Resources. Black Book Access. Access To My Team.
Everything here is easily valued at $175,000 at $59,997 it is still worth the investment...
You'll Be Able To Enroll Today...
Get 1 year of coaching, support & mastermind with me...
(5/100 Spots Available For Rest Of 2021)
Get In Contact NOW! Email: ceo@shaqir.com
This Bonus Expires Soon (without notice)
This is simple, you will be given a private number / email / skype where you can ask my team any issue that you need help with. Whatever you are stuck with, we can help you.

I will respond immediately or my best person on my team, I have it all, all the resources, contacts you can imagine, every single person you need or think of. I can hook you up.

I can’t do this for unlimited number of people, but you will get it.
 This Bonus Expires Soon (Without notice)
Complimentary Access To All My Events, Products, Services, Workshops For The Next 12 Months...
Anything I sell from workshops where people usually pay $5,000 - $25,000 per person, you get to come for free.

All the products I launch, you get it all for free, and let’s just say since I’m planning to build a $100 MILLION Per Year Empire, I will be launching a lot of stuff and you will be Beta Access Member to all the

If you'll have weekly call in hours to talk to me or my business partners...

You'll be able to send me videos asking me your questions 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, and you will get PERSONAL videos back from me...

You get to come to London 3x times per year, so I can work directly on your business in very small groups...

You'll get invited to private workshops for members only, when i travel around the world and if i'm in your neck of the woods, we'll hangout for afternoon tea, or dinner...

You'll get invited to private events that i'm speaking at, hosting or even attending...

And a whole bunch more...

In short, this is my new extended family, so you gotta be a cool, ambitious and determined person.

I don’t need the money, I can pick and choose who I like to work with so no egotistical maniacs, energy drainers, or wannabes need to apply for this.

But I would love to coach you, mentor you and support your online journey as you grow...

I know you aren’t as you are already someone who proved their worth by attending my Traffic Millionaires Summit…

Also you should be fully informed about our policies regarding an increase in the membership fee, after the charger period expires.

As with any good group, as it grows, we have to increase our prices. Supply and Demand.

You're being invited to join at the charter membership price.

When our charter membership slots are filled, this invitation will be withdrawn, and the price of membership will increase.

We can't accurately predict how high the price of membership will go - it will simply depend on the demand for the club's remaining charter spots.

But I anticipate that memberships after the charter period will be significantly higher.

Let me close by thanking you for reading this letter and for applying.

This Inner Circle is a dream of mine... a dream that I hope you'll share with me.

I'm committed to creating MILLIONAIRES outta this group.

You can watch me or join me, your choice.

Looking forward to meeting you
So, what’s the INVESTMENT?
Because I want this, and no matter what I'm securing MY SPOT for Shaqir's FINAL Coaching Program...
If offered this Inner Circle Member slot to you free, you’d take it in a heartbeat. 

Obviously, I can’t offer it free.

There’s a lot of my personal time and years worth my experience that’s been responsible for generating millions of dollars into my business involved.

If MONEY was the issue you didn’t sign up during my webinars, the Online Business Summit and the Traffic Millionaires Summit... 

I don’t want that to be a barrier that’s going to prevent you from taking action and advantage of the opportunity to realize your dream Internet Business.

I can make the barrier of entry so low, it would be ridiculous for you not to try it.
If money wasn’t the issue but are truly interested in joining our Inner Circle Family, but you have questions or concerns you’d like to discuss, let’s get on the phone.

Inner Circle is open 
to new members and in limited quantity so please call before then. You can call me any time between now and Monday. 

I’ll even be available to you over the weekend, so feel free to call me on Saturday if that’s more convenient for you.

*Sunday is wife day so I don't do client calls*

MY PERSONAL SKYPE : shaqir.hussyin
My PERSONAL CELL: + 4474111 49858
My PERSONAL E-Mail: ceo@shaqir.com

Please add & message me ONLY if you are serious about joining.

I look forward to having you in the Shaqir Hussyin Inner Circle family and to a lifetime business and personal friendship with you.

Dedicated To Helping You
Shaqir Hussyin
CEO, WealthAcademy.com
Founder, Funnels.com
Creator, CreateDigitalCourses.com
Author, Backpack Millionaire

P.S. I know there are a lot of concerns going through your mind. Can you afford it? Will it work? 

Every marketer who has ever worked with me privately had those same concerns. But they made the jump. They took a little leap of faith after seeing the results of other online marketers. You need to make the jump too if you want things to change in your life.

If you don’t change your business, how are you going to improve it?

I guarantee you nobody will work harder on your behalf to turn your business into your Dream, lifestyle busines and help you succeed than me.

Remember, this is a MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL thing for me, the money doesn’t mean much to me except that you are COMMITTED, that’s all..

I have been making millions of dollars WITHOUT even having my own mastermind, and right now you are getting a totally unfair advantage to get in before everyone else and before the price goes up to $60,000 PER YEAR without any warning or reminders.

Help me help you.

Help me help you become one of my 100 Million Dollar Earners…

Here’s a favorite quote of mine:

“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”

Are you ready to dare and win and triumph? 

If so, you need to change your business and the way you do things and I will help you. If not, you’ll continue to live in the gray twilight and never experience or know how it feels to be truly worry Free.

So, text / call me now at +44 74111 49858 with any questions you have. Or if you’re ready to join now, or email ceo@shaqir.com for to personally secure a 30-45 minute call with myself or someone from my team to get you started for 2021-2022…
Are you going to watch from the sidelines or are you going to get in right now to become my success story ?
People Routinely INVEST $40,000-$60,000+ To Come From All Over The World To Come & Learn From Me…Look At The Success Stories Of These Students From 1 Mastermind in Costa Rica…
Chris & Sarah
 from the UK Make $1,000/Day Within 60 Days of Enrolling in Inner Circle Mastermind
Paula Morrison
65 Year Old Grandma, Makes Upto $9,500 In 30 Days
Tony Ashbolt
$60,000 First 4 Months, Financial & Tax Expert, Builds His Current Business to 7 Figures+
Mehdi Syed
16-Year Old, Earns 6-Figures in Less Than A Year..From Shaqir Hussyin’s Inner Circle Mastermind
Troy Hollenbeck
Took His Life-Savings, Went To Vegas, Won Cash Then Invested Into The SHIC Shaqir Hussyin’s Inner Circle Mastermind…LOL!
Shantelle & Samuel
Who Else Wants To Travel All Over The World Like Shantelle & Samuel who Earned Over $220,000
Here's what you get when you Join
Elite London Mastermind
Private One-On-One Coaching With Me
Free Access To All My Information Products
Free Access To SHIC Mastermind Private Facebook Group
Done With You Marketing Funnels And High Converting Campaigns
Done For You High Converting Webinar Campaign With 
Shaqir Hussyin
*IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers Shaqir Hussyin is a professional internet marketer and his results are not typical. His experiences are not a guarantee you will make money. You may make more, less or the same or nothing at all. This is purely educational. No Income is guaranteed. Only serious and ambitious entrepreneurs please apply.

This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, This site is
NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way. FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc.


This training is for business owners and entrepreneurs. This is education and training. Note that individual results will vary and income success is not guaranteed. Our goal is to give you the online tools and education to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. While our business system is proven by the genuine achievements of Funnel Members, this does not mean you will get the same results. There are those who will not earn any money at all with our program, because it all depends on your determination, hard work and ability to follow directions. As an entrepreneur, the understanding needs to be in place that you will take full responsibility for your business. 

Thanks for stopping by today!