WARNING: Inner Circle Is Limited To Just 6 People In August 2021 - Limited Spots Open.. APPLY NOW.
An Exclusive Invitation For WINNERS's, Founders, CEO's & Serious Entrepreneurs Who Want
10-100X Growth. EXCLUSIVE: ONLY A Few Get Selected Out Of 1Million+ email subscribers....
Real Wealth Starts At Your First $10M. 
If you’re the HOTSHOT CEO of a company with 6-7 figs revenue yearly  & want to scale 10X-100X breaking through the $10million & beyond,
& unlock your genius profit potential, I’m talking to you.

Revenue Requirements
$100,000 - $1,000,000

Mastermind Benefits


Investment: $50,000 / YR
Maximum 100 People

Revenue Requirements

Mastermind Benefits

Investment: $150,000 / YR
Maximum 14 People

Revenue Requirements

  • Must be a 7-8 figure earner wanting to scale.
  • Must have known of Shaqir for at least 3+ years
  • ​​Must be awesome

Mastermind Benefits

  • Private Consulting Deals / Licensing Deals / Access To Me
  • Decade In A Day Call Shaqir Hussyin
  • Unlimited Voxer Access To Shaqir
  • ​​​Plus Much More... 

Investment: $250,000 / YR
Maximum 5 People
(Current clients at this level 
Russell Brunson, Jeremy Miner + More...

"If That's You... I Will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One On Your Business To Help You Double, Triple or 10x Your Traffic, Conversions And Sales Over In 12 Months Or Less - If You QUALIFY
After winning 3x 8 Figure Awards from ClickFunnels for building MULTIPLE 8 Figure Brands before the age of 30, I've decided to take on the last and final batch of 1:1 Mastermind Clients. 
Let me help you get one for yourself.

As an Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor and Equity Partner in over 25+ companies I have unique insights that can propel the right business to record heights in record time. I am all about buying time. I buy time wherever I can.

If you're on this page I'd say you have similar values of "buy time".

Over the years I've invested over $600,000+ cash into mentoring, masterminding and meeting some of the world's top leading entrepreneurs to become the best at what I do.

Helping companies and entrepreneurs like you scale to their first $1M, $10M, $100Million and beyond.

My personal mentoring students are now in the range of creating 30 millionaire students and 5 of them already surpassing 8 figures each (unmatched in this industry) for 2021 I'm taking on a handful of new clients to help them.

The ripple effect my students and clients have in the industry has reached many millions of people.

Just fyi, this program - This is NOT a big money maker nor do I advertise this page publicly with paid ads. 

So if you've been invited to this page or you've come across this then watch my video and book a call with me.

I have two options to work with me - $60k for 6 months and $100k for 12 months.

I am reassuringly priced for the right person. 
Qualified members receive the proven systems, mentoring, confidential consultations, advisory, resources, funnels, templates, and processes that I've used to go from $100,000 to $1 million monthly… and then from $1 million to $10 million+ and how even had my million dollar PROFIT DAY. 

You'll get "Everything" I'm doing to grow my brands and businesses to $100M and beyond. 

Finally, Discover How To Create Your Own Blue Ocean, Become The Category King, Invent Your Own Methodology, Craft A MOAT, Master "Cold Traffic Conversion", Power Position Yourself & Become The Brand Everyone Dreams To Work With... 

BEST THING: Get Multi Millionaire Mentorship On How To Attract The Best Clients In Your Marketplace, Dramatically Scale Your Busines & SMASH Through Hidden Plateaus… 

Avoid The Costly Mistakes That's Costing You Time & Millions SAFELY Navigate All The Obstacles and Growing Pains You’ll Encounter Along The Way To Scale & Smash Through 6,7 & 8 Figures.

This is the Fastest, Efficient and Most Reliable Way to Cross It And Discover Scalable Income Skills You Can  Use in Business after Business if You Choose..
SHIC Mastermind (Shaqir Hussyin's Inner Circle Mastermind) is unlike anything that has ever existed.

SHIC is Shaqir Hussyin grad school for experts wanting to build 7-8 & 9 figure empires. 

This is his 1:1 Inner Circle Access. 

This is high level 8 figure advisory for the ambitious, hungry and driven entrepreneur wanting to scale profitably. No B.S.

Just focused on hard hitting results with access to campaigns that turn cold traffic into high ticket offers.

Tuition for this exclusive advisory starts at 50K-120K for 12 months of personal masterminding with Shaqir Hussyin.

For the right person this is reassuringly, appropriately and respectfully priced for my attention and renting my "brain" & easily achieved with just one marketing campaign.

For the wrong person it is exceedingly expensive, on purpose.

I invite you to fill the form to see if you qualify and speak with me directly. Winners only.

I help winners win bigger.

Select spots opened for SHIC Mastermind, 8 Figure Mentorship re-opened for limited time. 

What you get is access to High Ticket Offer Frameworks, My Webinar Templates, Tools, Campaigns, Emails, Insights & more.

+ Our own inhouse traffic agency + partners spend upto $5MILLION PER MONTH so if you need high end traffic to your offers, we can hook you up with that.

PS. One 8 figure award can be LUCK or fluky.

Two awards means it's a REAL SKILL & PROVEN TREND, it's NOT luck.

Third is it's a SYSTEM that I can plug & play for ANY business. It's DONE.

You want to wait till you see my 4th one? Or do you want your FIRST 8 Figure Award. 

You can watch me or you can join me....

Your choice.

Even Russell Brunson from ClickFunnels ($100million+ per year) business is a private client of mine. 

Let's Get Into It. Make It Happen.
Want To Become My Next High Level VIP Client? Fill In The Form Below.

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Text me +44 74111 49858 if you have any questions. 

You Already Know Shaqir Hussyin.
Have Confidence He Can He Help YOU.
Let's get to work making it happen!
On A Mission To Create 10 NEW
7&8 Figure Student Success Stories 
In The Next 12 Months...
World's Highest-Paid Sales Funnels Equity Consultant.

Obvious Unparalleled Results; Ladies & Gentlemen.
(Results will vary)

Sold over 30Mill of digital courses, consulting, coaching & masterminds before the age of 30.

Founder, WealthAcademy.com, MarketingFunnels.com, FUNNELS.com
Equity Investor, ASHV.com / HalalCapital.com (Coming soon)

Creator, VIPFunnels 90 Day Accelerator & FunnelsAgency.com

Author, BackpackMillionaire.com 

Won the prestigious 3x 8 Figure 2CCX Clickfunnels Award Winner
(World's ONLY multiple 8 figure award winner under 30) 

Hosted over 100+ live events all over the world; USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore & Europe impacting 25,000+ lives.

On A Mission To Help You Scale Up To 8 Figures & Beyond
Without Losing Your Soul.

Shaqir Hussyin, WealthAcademy Publishing Ltd,
Kemp House 152-160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

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This special by application offer is for successful minded entrepreneurs looking to create more success. Investment for this program is not cheap and certainly not for most people. No timewasters or wannbe's. You must have a 6-7 or 8 figure business already. I ONLY take on clients that I am happy and excited to work with. Apply to talk to me directly to see if you qualify.